I actually can’t wait for autumn to arrive

I actually can’t wait for autumn to arrive

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Stop hating yourself. Try going one day without saying anything bad about yourself. Try complimenting yourself. Do it again. Buy yourself dinner. Put soft things against your skin. Listen to your favorite songs. Eat ice cream. Eat ice cream naked. You have to spend the rest of your life with you. You’re all you’ve got. Be kind, start loving yourself.

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i want to be one of those people who is nice to everyone but i also want to be one of those people who doesn’t take any shit from anyone

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Reblog if it is 104% okay to come to your ask and just say ‘Hi can we be friend’s and then start asking you random questions.

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"Recovery isn’t about getting back to how you were before, it’s about building something new."

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so true

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"And then suddenly I become sad for no reason, and it takes me days to get over that feeling."

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All survivors have scars.
But not all scars are on the outside.


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9278) My eating disorder makes me want to punch a fucking wall.

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"I don’t broadcast every high & I don’t hide every low. I’m trying to live. I’m not trying to convince the world I have life."

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"Internet friendship is not real"


Reblog if this is a lie and you have made amazing friends on the internet.

You kidding me? The friends I made on the internet are more true and real than friends I’ve made in person!