"I didn’t realize how badly I was treated until someone started treating me with respect."

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Anonymous said: If keeping your worker with you will keep you safe then tell her. You deserve to be safe =]

I can only work with her until end of October thanks to NHS and their rules and lack of funding. As soon as I’ve finally found someone who I can trust they’re being ripped away from me :(

I’m so sorry I can’t take anymore , when my worker leaves I’m ending this , i cant end things with her still working with me bc she’s lovely and amazing and kind and caring and … I can’t let her down but it’s my time to go

Please kill me


literally same


literally same

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your life is worth living even if you’re “not doing anything”

your life is worth living even if you are “letting life pass you by”

your life is worth living even if you stay in bed all day every day watching netflix

you don’t have to be big, beloved, important, beautiful, wealthy or famous

there is dignity in just being

it is ok to be

you merely have to be

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9705) Even though I constantly tell myself that I don’t care how bad I get, I get spooked every time I have chest pains.

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Remember the Dragonology Books?

Using them as inspiration, I’ve done my own HTTYD - Book Of Dragons, 1800’s style.

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Get To Know Me
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Name: Seth
Nickname: Sethlington, Sethie 
Birthday: November 12 
Gender: Male 
Sexuality: Wibbly wobbly gender bendy ;) 
Height: 5ft 5in
Time Zone: London/ Greenwich
What time is it where you live: 1.20 pm
Average Hours Of Sleep You Get: About 6 hours 
Last Thing You Googled: RoyalGames.com 
Most Used Words/phrases: lol , xD , okie dokies 
First Word That Comes To Mind: Marble 
Last Thing I Said to a Family Member: See you in the morning 
A Place That Makes Me Happy: a park nearby called Jeskyns, it has a cool tree house ! 
Favorite Beverage: Tea <3 
Last Movie I watched: Fern Gully 
Three Things i Cant Live without: My cat, cuddles, films
Something I Plan on Studying: Animal husbandry

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i really hate it when people say you shouldn’t use the computer or watch tv before going to bed and instead you should read a book because you need winding down time or you won’t sleep. ha ha good one do you know what happens if i start a book before bed?! i end up fucking finishing it that’s what

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